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− Aiming to make Hokkaido a safe place for foreign visitors −

 Outline of Hokkaido
 Hokkaido Prefectural Public Safety Commission
 Organizational Chart of the Hokkaido Prefectural Police Headquarters
 Information by Department
 Organizational Chart of a Police Station
 Addresses and Telephone Numbers of the Hokkaido Prefectural Police Headquarters and
 Police Stations

 How to Make an Emergency Call to the Police (110)
 Lost Property / Found Property
Lost Property
Found Property
 Driver's License
 Certificate of Criminal Record
 Climbing Plan

 Transferring/receiving bankbook or cash card is a crime!(PDF131KB)
 To Avoid Becoming a Crime Victim
 To Build a Crime-Resistant Society
 Traffic Rules
 Traffic Safety Information for Foreign Nationals
 Traffic Rules in Japan
 Red flashing means STOP (PDF1.1MB)
 Seat Belts and Child Seats
 Care to be Taken While Driving (PDF98KB)
 Driving Safety on Icy Roads (PDF155KB)
 Take Extra Care On Slippery Winter Roads (PDF499KB)
 For Safe Cycling
 Visit by the Police
 Making Anonymous Notifications to the Police
 Disaster Preparedness

 Consultations, Comments, Requests or Complaints