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Disaster Preparedness

 In recent years, we have had many large-scale earthquakes in Hokkaido. It is said that Hokkaido has a high chance of being hit by tsunamis caused by subduction-zone earthquakes, due to its geographical characteristic of being surrounded by seas. Therefore, continual preparation for disasters is important.
 The following information is for the non-Japanese residents and tourists in Hokkaido in the event of the disasters.

 Daily preparation
 Evacuation route
   Know the evacuation route to a shelter.
 Emergency supplies
   Put a flashlight, a first-aid kit, drinking water, food (for three days) and warm clothes in a backpack and keep it somewhere convenient to take with you anytime necessary.
 Disaster Emergency Phone Mailbox
   English Disaster Emergency Phone Mailbox and Disaster Message Board are available for communication among family members in the event of disasters. Learn how to use them to prepare for the disaster.

 Advice in the event of an earthquake
 In a building:
   Protect your head and get under a solid table or desk
 On the street:
   Watch for falling objects, such as broken glasses or signboards, and keep away from tilting buildings and drooping electric wires.
 In a shopping mall, or on the bus or subway
   Follow instructions from the person in charge.
 While driving
   Brake softly and pull over to left side of the road.
 Near a beach
   Evacuate to higher ground
 Information gathering
   Watch TV or listen to radio aired in a non-Japanese language, or gather information about the situation from the municipality. If you feel in danger, do not hesitate to evacuate.

The Hokkaido Government, municipalities and organizations supporting non-Japanese are actively working for safety measures for non-Japanese, who are classified as people who may need special help in the disaster.
Please view the Websites of the Hokkaido Government and the municipality where you live to avoid becoming a disaster victim.