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Traffic Rules in Japan
Welcome to Hokkaido!

 Please observe traffic rules and enjoy pleasant driving in Japan.  
 Japanese traffic rules you need to pay attention to:
Rules concerning driving  
 Left-hand traffic
 You must drive on the left in Japan.
 Stop at the center of an intersection and confirm safety before turning right.
 Cars going straight or turning left have the right of way.
 If you are going to turn right, you must wait until oncoming cars finish going straight or turning left.
 Speed limits
Speed limit sign
 In Japan, the speed limit is 60 km/h on ordinary roads and 100 km/h on expressways.
 Please note that you are not allowed to drive over 60 km/h on ordinary roads, even if there are no speed limit signs.
 Sections where it is prohibited to enter the opposing lanes
Sign for no entry into opposing lane
 Yellow lines on the road mean that it is prohibited to enter the opposing lanes.
 You are not allowed to overtake by entering the opposing lanes in those sections.

Rules concerning traffic lights  
 Location of traffic lights
   In some countries, traffic lights are at the entrance to the intersection, and cars stop at the traffic lights. In Japan, they are at the exit of the intersection.
 When you stop at a red light in Japan, you must stop at the stop line before entering the intersection, not after entering the intersection. 
 Always stop at red light
   There is no left turn on red in Japan.
 Green arrow light
   Even when the traffic light ahead of you is red, you can proceed in the direction indicated by the green arrow light.
 The yellow arrow light is for trams, not for cars.
 Careful observation of traffic lights
   In Japan, some traffic lights change according to the flow of traffic. At some intersections, all traffic lights for vehicles turn red at the same time to allow pedestrians to cross roads in all directions.
 Please pay attention to the traffic light ahead of you.

Stop sign  
 Japanese stop signs
   In some countries, stop signs are hexagonal or circular. Japanese stop signs are inverted triangles with a red background. 
 Full stop
   You must come to a full stop at a stop sign. If you do not, you are breaking the law.
 You must also come to a full stop at a railroad crossing.
Stop signs
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Seat belts  
 In Japan, everyone in a car must wear a seat belt.
 Children under 6 years old must use child seats that fit their age and build. If you travel with children and rent a car, you need to rent child seats, too.

Drunk driving is strictly prohibited in Japan.  
 It is prohibited to drive after drinking in Japan. Driving while alcohol remains in your body constitutes driving under the influence of alcohol.
 People who get in a car knowing that the driver is drunk or under the influence of alcohol, and people who invite a driver-to-be to drink are subject to severe punishment.