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To avoid becoming a crime victim
 Please remember the following:

 Lock your doors even when you are at home.
 Lock both your doors and windows when you go out.
 Do not hide a key in the mail box or a flowerpot. It can be found easily.
 When parking a bicycle or a motorcycle, lock it with at least two locks.
 Do not leave your car key in the ignition.
 Do not leave your windows open when you are sleeping or away from home, even if it is hot.

 In case of theft
   If you have had something stolen, dial 110 or contact a nearby police station, residential police box or other police box.
 If your bank book or credit card is stolen, report this to the bank, the post office or the credit card company. 

 To avoid being mistaken for a thief
 Understand the Japanese shopping system at supermarkets and other stores.
 The goods displayed at supermarkets are merchandise. Taking these without paying for them will make the proprietor regard you as a thief.
 Riding a bicycle parked at the roadside without permission from the owner constitutes theft.
 Do not ride a bicycle without knowing whose it is.

 Stay alert even at home
   Your house is a safe place that protects you against outside dangers. However, it can turn into a dangerous, isolated place. Most indoor sex crimes are committed when the victim is sleeping.
 Perpetrators sneak into houses from unlocked doors or windows. They sometimes break into houses when the victim opens the door to enter or leave their house, or by pretending to be a visitor, such as home-delivery staffer.

 Make sure to lock your doors and windows. Before going to bed, confirm that they are locked.
 Be alert when opening or closing the curtains.
 Use thick curtains to keep people from being able to see into your room. Take care to avoid it being known that a woman lives in the house.
 Make it a rule to have a personal alarm or a cell phone beside your bed when you go to bed.
 Use the eyehole to confirm the identity of any visitors. Do not carelessly undo the door chain.
 Check the sender before receiving a parcel sent by a home-delivery service. If you do not know the sender, do not accept it.
 If visitors are door-to-door sales personnel or questionnaire survey staff, confirm their identities before opening the door and do not let them in.

 Stay alert when you walk alone.
   Many sex crimes are committed when the victim is walking home. Some victims are suddenly grabbed from behind on deserted streets. Some other victims are drawn to blind spots or into cars by perpetrators who pretend to ask for directions.

 Avoid walking on dark, deserted streets.
 When you walk alone at night, stay alert and make it a rule to look around.
 Shout for help if you are in danger.
 Carry a personal alarm with you so that you can use it anytime necessary.
 Be aware of the locations of the nearest convenience store and police box. Escape to either of them in an emergency.

 Do not easily trust strangers.
   A number of people fall victim to sex crimes by perpetrators who they got to know through Internet dating sites. Do not easily trust people who you meet for the first time or who you do not know well. Beware of honeyed words.

 If you feel uncomfortable about any invitation, turn it down flatly.
 Do not easily trust people who you got to know through the Internet or text message.