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For Safe Cycling

@Five rules for cycling safety
P Bicycles must travel on the carriageway. Only in some specific situations are they allowed to travel on the sidewalk.
Q Bicycles must travel at the far left of the carriageway.
R Pedestrians have right of way on sidewalks. Bicycles must travel slowly at the far right of the sidewalk.
S Note the following:
It is prohibited to ride a bicycle after drinking, to cycle side by side and for two persons to ride on a single bicycle.
Cyclists must use a light when riding at night.
Cyclists must observe traffic lights and stop signs, and must confirm that it is safe to enter intersections.
T @Children must wear helmets while cycling.

@Traffic accidents involving bicycles
  @In 2013, 13 cyclists were killed in traffic accidents in Hokkaido. That is two more than in 2012, and it is 7.1% of all traffic fatalities (184).
@A number of these traffic accidents were caused by the victim (cyclist) in violation of traffic rules. Major violations of traffic rules by cyclists are ignoring stop signs or traffic lights, and failing to confirm that it is safe to enter intersections.