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Seat Belts and Child Seats

 Since the revision of the Road Traffic Law on June 1, 2008, everyone in a car must wear a seat belt.
 Children under the age of 6 years must use child seats.
 (In some situations, they are exempted from the use of seat belts or child seats.)
 Traffic fatalities in Hokkaido in 2013 numbered 95. Forty-four of those victims (46.3%) were not wearing seat belts. If they had been wearing seat belts, 34 of those 44 (77.3%) would have had a good chance of survival.
 Hokkaido is the largest prefecture in Japan, and it has a greater length of roads than any other prefecture. The roads in Hokkaido are the least crowded in Japan. That is a factor in traffic accidents caused by speeding.
 Please make sure to use seat belts and child seats to protect everyone in your car.