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Information by Department
Community Safety Police <Mission: To make Hokkaido the safest prefecture in Japan>
 Officers in this division work for crime prevention to build safe communities where people can live in peace.
 They are engaged in investigations into cybercrimes and crimes related to entertainment businesses and the environment. They also crack down on stalking and domestic violence, prevent juvenile delinquency and protect women and children against crimes.
 In protecting community safety, the public's cooperation is indispensable.
  Every citizen, the prefectural government, the police: Let's all unite to build a crime-free, pleasant, comfortable community.

Community Police <Mission: To secure community safety>
 Community members are aware of the presence of the police officers who work in residential police boxes and other police boxes.
 Community police officers patrol their areas day and night to prevent incidents and to crack down on crimes.
 When an incident happens, they rush to the scene to investigate and to assist any victims.
 They also visit residents to advise on crime prevention and to listen to residents' request or opinions.

Criminal Investigation Police <Mission: To solve criminal cases>
 Officers in this division work day and night investigating thefts and felonies such as murders and robberies, and cracking down on fraud, bribery, crimes committed by boryokudan (organized crime groups) and crimes related to drugs or guns.
  Information provided by residents is indispensable to solve criminal cases. We ask for your cooperation if a detective visits you to gather information about a crime or an accident.

Traffic Police <Mission: To protect people's lives>
 Officers in this department work to regulate traffic, implement traffic safety campaigns in cooperation with local governments and communities, conduct traffic safety education for people ranging from children to the elderly, control traffic aiming for traffic safety and smooth traffic, and pursue driver's license administration and the like.

Security Police
 <Mission: To be ready for security operations and disaster relief operations>
 Officers in this department engage in the prevention and investigation of terrorist attacks, the protection of important facilities such as nuclear power plants and consulates, the protection of dignitaries, and rescues operations for storms, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis and other disasters. To accomplish those missions, the officers train hard every day.

Hokkaido Police School <Training experts in protecting citizens>
 The police school trains police officers so that they will be trusted and liked by the people of Hokkaido. During the training, the trainees stay at a police dormitory. They foster friendships and become reliable police officers. After graduation, they exercise their ability to realize justice.
 When recruits pass the police employment test, they obtain the rank of 'police officer' and enter police school. There, they study for 6 to 10 months, depending on their academic background, to acquire the basic knowledge and skills necessary for their activities after graduation. The trainees work hard to develop their personalities, to deepen their knowledge and to improve their physical strength. In the school, they are required to strictly observe rules and principles that are necessary for organized activities. The training is an opportunity for recruits who are living together to form friendships and bonds with other trainees, who have the same goals.

Hokkaido Prefectural Police Band
 <A bridge between the people of Hokkaido and the police>
 The Police Band is loved by people of Hokkaido as a musical bridge between the residents and the police. The band is involved in traffic safety campaigns and community safety campaigns, and it performs musical concerts at elementary schools and junior high schools and at official events.
 The music performances are designed to be enjoyed by all. They feature music of various genres, such as marches, classical pieces, music from soundtracks, and pop and jazz songs, and performances by the Color Guard Team of women officers.

The Hokkaido Prefectural Police Mascot Hokuto-kun
 The mascot blends the parts of various animals (hares, owls, horses, foxes) living in Hokkaido.
 The characteristics of the mascot show the ideal image of the Hokkaido Prefectural Police:
Sharp ears, live up to people's expectations
Keen eyes, protect people from crimes and accidents
Feet, arrive quickly at the scene.
 Hokuto-kun is named after the Big Dipper, which shines in our Northern skies. The Hokkaido Prefectural Police are likened to the stars, and we work hard to build a crime-free Hokkaido with a bright future.